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Sarah Garwood, MD

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I became a pediatrician because of the impact pediatrics has on a person’s entire life. If we can help parents guide children toward best practices and teens toward healthy choices early, then their chances of success are so much greater. My husband, Jason, and I share three daughters. Becoming a parent myself has deepened my empathy for children and teens who face adversity. As a pediatrician I am able to channel that energy and work toward improvements. Like any parent, I spend a lot of my “free” time running the girls around to different activities. But when we have downtime, I like to live by my favorite MomDoc tip: Keep track of and limit screen time. Kids will play, create, and engage their imaginations when being "plugged in" is not an option. Sarah Garwood, MD, is a Washington University adolescent medicine physician at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. After completing medical school at the University of Missouri – Columbia, she trained at Children’s and became an attending physician in 2008.

Dr. Garwood
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