Halloween Safety

育儿• Oct 24, 2023

Halloween Safety Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

Happy Halloween!

Every year there are newghoulsandgoblinsout trick or treating. You can help keep your scarymonstersafe by checking in with these safety tips.


当分发糖果,只考虑单独wrapped items and peanut-free options for those who are allergic. Also, consider non-food treats like stickers, playing cards, toys, coloring books, and games. The teal pumpkin project is a safe way to let children with food allergies know that you are offering non-food treats and peanut-free treats at your home. Just display a picture of a teal pumpkin on your porch or driveway.

Feed your superhero and give them a good meal before setting out, so they are not tempted to overindulge in candy on an empty stomach.


Inspect the candy that comes home and throw away anything that is unwrapped or appears to be old or spoiled. If for some reason, your sports star ends up with candy they can’t eat, many dentist’s offices offer a candy buy-back every year and will offer prizes or money in exchange for the candy.


When decorating pumpkins, consider having yourlittle pumpkinpaint or use markers on their pumpkin. Leave the carving to the adults and consider battery-powered lights inside the pumpkin instead of candles.


Whatever costume your zombie chooses should be reflective to help with visibility and fit well to avoid tripping. If the costume calls for a cane, sword, wand, scepter, or stick, consider aluminum foil, cardboard, or foam board to achieve the look without the danger of pricking, poking, or impaling. Also, consider non-toxic makeup to achieve the desired look versus a mask that could obstruct vision. Any hats, crowns, and tiaras should fit well and not slip down over the eyes. Avoid decorative contact lenses as these can be damaging to the eyes.


Remember to make your home well-lit and have an unobstructed path to the candy. Store away any garden hoses, toys, rakes, or tools from your yard so as not to trip visitors. Remove any leaves, snow, or refuse from pathways and restrain pets so they do not frighten or injure visitors or run away.


Young trick-or-treaters should always be supervised by an adult and travel in groups with flashlights and replacement batteries to help light the way. They should only trick or treat at homes that are well-lit, decorated, and generally known to them.

For your older independenttricksters, discuss the houses they will visit and when they should return home. They should remain in a group, stay on the sidewalk whenever possible, cross streets at the corner, not in between cars, and always look both ways. They should never enter a home or car to get candy.

Have a Plan for Help

If your child does need care on Halloween night, ourWashington University Children’s After Hours locationsprovide convenient medical care for your child’s illnesses and injuries. And it’s a faster alternative to ERs when your pediatrician’s office is closed.

In case of a medical emergency with a child, determine where the nearest accredited Level I pediatric trauma center is located. St. Louis Children’s Hospital has six pediatric ER locations across the St. Louis and southern Illinois region. These includeSt. Louis Children’s Hospital,Memorial Hospital Belleville,Memorial Hospital Shiloh,Missouri Baptist Medical Center,Northwest HealthCare, andProgress West Hospital.

有一个令人毛骨悚然的乐趣,and safe Halloween.